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Sixth Grade Campus

News & Announcements

2017-18 Federal Report Card has been posted

Sanger ISD has received their District and Campus Federal Report Cards for Texas Public Schools from TEA. You can access all of them by clicking this headline. You can also access all individual Campus Report Cards on each school webpage by clicking on Our School and going to Accountability/Performance Reports.
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New Spring Master Schedule!

To better serve all of our students, we have made some changes to our master schedule. Rest assured, your child will keep their same teachers from the fall semester. However, below are things that might be changing for your child:

1. The time of day your child sees their teachers
2. Your student’s lunch period

Why did we do this?

Since everyone now has Tribe Time at the same time, more teachers are available to work with students. This allows us to shrink class sizes and focus more on individualized interventions for all students.

Changing classes for the 2nd semester allows us to rebalance class sizes to make sure all students are able to reach their maximum learning potential.
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It has been brought to my attention that some parents of Sixth grade students have been picking up their students from the Sanger Public Library after school. There are some things they would like for us to share with you.

**There is some concern due to recent events of unsafe driving through the parking lot, mainly by some parents who appear to be using the library as an alternative to the carpool line, picking their children up very soon after school is dismissed without coming into the library.
Please advise parents of the following:
1). Please do not utilize the library parking lot as a drive through pick up or carpool line for your students.
2). Please exercise caution by using the parking lot for LIBRARY PARKING ONLY.
3). The Library closes at 6 pm Mon-Thurs, 5 pm on Friday’s and the Library personnel are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR UNATTENDED CHILDREN and will not provide babysitting services. **Authorities may be notified if children are left unaccompanied for lengthy periods and/or on repeated occasions. Police will be called to escort unattended children or other individuals unable to arrange for transportation when the library closes. They will be taken to the police station.
Thank you for helping us address this important safety issue. **


Larry Shuman
Principal, Sanger Sixth Grade Campus
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Safety Procedures

Sanger ISD’s highest priority is the safety of our students and staff. To find out more information on safety procedures that the district currently has put in place, visit the Sanger ISD Student Services webpage and click on Safety and Security. Current information is provided regarding threats, visitor management, weather, and safety drills. Please visit this site from time to time to view any updates.
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