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Sixth Grade Campus

Regarding SISD Volunteers

If you have already submitted a volunteer application for SISD Community Outreach, you do not need to resubmit, but you are required to attend one of the upcoming photo session opportunities to complete your registration as a SISD volunteer. The first of two or three photo taking opportunities will be September 6, 2018 at the COOP Board Room from 2:30 - 7:00 p.m. The photos will be taken on a first come basis. NO BADGES WILL BE ISSUED WITHOUT A PHOTO ID. A second photo session will be scheduled for mid October and a third in late November. We anticipate a final photo session in mid to late March to finish out the school year.
As a reminder, Volunteer badges are only required for those who will be volunteering in some form where they will be interacting, mentoring, working in teacher/pto areas, field trips where they are assigned a group of students, or in any capacity that they can directly access students or campus areas un-escorted. Badges are not required for parents who are visiting classroom events where district staff is present and supervising or having lunches with their child. Even with District badge issuance, all parents or visitors must check in with the front office, and still follow all front office visitor procedures.
We understand that this new process will take time but please know that this process is first and foremost for the safety of all students and staff. Adding the volunteer photo helps campus staff to readily identify those who have submitted and are approved as registered district volunteers. This also helps you and us, as a district know who our volunteers are, where and when we have volunteers on campus and in what capacity they might be volunteering.
Thank you for your patience with this new process.