Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!
There will be several volunteer opportunities for parents/guardians to participate in while your child is attending the 6th Grade Campus. Your help is welcomed & greatly appreciated whether it's a little or a lot.The goal is to create a great relationship between the parents and staff at SGC.
Volunteer opportunities will include: 
*Decorating for Dances
*Selling Tickets for Dances
*Working Concessions During Dances
*Staff Appreciation monthly
*Dodgeball Tournament @ End of Year
Volunteer Forms were sent home the 2nd week of school. If you misplaced yours you can simply email 
[email protected] with your name, child's name, phone number, & email address.  An email distribution list will be created and sentout for all volunteer opportunities. Anyone who is available to help can reply.  Your willingness to help at the SGC is appreciated!  Together we can make this a GREAT YEAR!
Erin Templin SGC PTO Campus Representative
Facebook Page  Sanger PTO SGC
Remind: @6thgcp
**ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST COMPLETE A DISTRICT WIDE VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION PACKET FOR A BACKGROUND CHECK.** This can be downloaded on the school website OR you can pick up a copy in the front office.  Upon completion, you will be issued a VOLUNTEER BADGE that MUST BE WORN at the SGC when volunteering.  (One badge works for all campuses)