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Sixth Grade Campus

Mrs. Becky Amason » Welcome to Mrs. Amason's Math Class

Welcome to Mrs. Amason's Math Class

Daily Schedule
7:45-8:34  1st Period 
8:38-9:24  2nd Period 
9:28-10:14 3rd Period 
10:18-11:04  4th Period
11:08-11:54  5th Period
11:58-12:28 6th Period (Lunch)
12:32-1:02  7th Period (Tribe time) 
1:56-2:42  8th Period (Conference) 
2:46-3:17  9th Period (Study Hall)
3:21-3:25  Homeroom Check-In 
Grading Policy
9 weeks grades will be determined by the following:
60% Daily Work and Quizzes
40% Tests
Daily Work: Students will be assigned homework on a daily basis.  Please be sure to check your child's grades using TxEIS Connect frequently, so that you can ensure that homework is being completed. 
Quizzes and Tests:  Students may correct quizzes and tests for a higher grade.