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Inclement Weather

Sanger ISD will communicate as soon as possible any situation or circumstance that might disrupt the normal function and schedule of our campuses and district offices. The decision to close school or any district buildings will be announced on the Sanger ISD websiteFacebook page and Twitter account. Major local television and radio stations will also be contacted. Additionally, a district-wide message sent to all  parents will be disseminated via ParentSquare.


Sanger ISD will give parents and the community the most accurate and up-to-date information as soon as possible. Updates will be sent as new information becomes available. Please know, our first priority is the protection and safety of our students and staff. It is important to remember that Sanger ISD and media outlets only inform viewers and listeners of school districts that either have a delayed opening time or school cancellation. If no information is given from the district or media outlets, our school buildings will be open to students and staff at their regularly scheduled times.


Television Stations:


FOX Channel 4 (FOX) Click here for FOX 4 Closings
KXAS  Channel 5 (NBC) Click here for NBC 5 Closings
WFAA   Channel 8 (ABC)  Click here for WFAA Closings
KTVT Channel 11 (CBS) Click here for KTVT Closings


Information regarding bad weather:

According to the National Weather Service (NOAA), severe weather in Texas typically occurs between 3 pm and 7 pm. Please be advised of options that the District will consider under certain weather conditions.

  • Severe Weather or a Tornado WATCH – This means conditions are favorable for a tornado and puts the District on alert. Based on the most current and reliable information at the time, the District may choose to delay school transportation. 
  • Severe Weather or a Tornado WARNING – This means a tornado has been spotted and puts the District on high alert. Students will be sheltered in accordance with campus plans and no student will be released to a parent or for bus routes. Understand that when campuses are on high alert status, employees are also sheltered, so students will not be checked out at this point.  Parents may shelter with campus personnel, but might not be with their child at that moment.  Visitors and parents MAY NOT interfere with the operation of school personnel and must follow all campus protocols so as not to put others in danger. Safety of our students is the first priority.
  • Severe Weather or a Tornado WARNING DURING BUS ROUTES – If a tornado warning is issued while students have already been placed on a bus and are in route, the bus will go directly to the nearest predetermined safe location and shelter the students in a safe place. Once the threat has been lifted, the District will release the buses to complete their designated routes.


Utilities not in service:

From time to time, due to various issues and weather conditions, electricity, water and/or gas services may not be available to the campuses and District buildings. When services are shut off due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances overnight the District will determine whether:

  • to start school on time (if the service will be on shortly and there are not safety risks), or
  • to delay the opening of school (if the service will be estimated to be turned on in a couple of hours, and there will be no further safety risk), or
  • to close school(s) and District buildings if the utility companies cannot determine how long it will take and are predicting an outage for a certain time frame. 

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